Orita Meta is the story of three women and more, on a journey through life’s challenges and its consequences; each happen upon a path of self discovery. All three paths converge to a common destination. The greatest challenge they face is being African Women. “When my grandmother speaks of her youth and times past in many decades, her words create an imagery of her epoch. I see her history as a drummer…


Silifat, an anthology of photographs, paintings, famous quotes and short stories. Also includes excerpts from Orita-Meta, Crossroads By Peju Alatise. It all starts where all stories begin. This place of beginnings can only be seen in dreams. The place where the intellect is too limiting to describe what it cannot partake of, neither is the intellect mature enough to express in words the goings-on of this very place…


Material witness (pun intended) is the idea that the ‘material’ is the witness. The idea that an inanimate object can be made to speak in a visual composition of its experiences as though it indeed had life and memory.


Good, evil, heaven, hell, saints, satan, demons, angels, sin, obedience,  revelation,  testaments,  paradise,  purgatory,  regression, transgressions, afterlife, reincarnation,  fantasy, dream, consciousness,  awakening,  unconsciousness,  death, life, resurrection,  rapture, judgement,  forgiveness,  mercy, pleasure,  spirits,  ghosts…..how much of these words have we experienced for ourselves…….