Peju Alatise is an interdisciplinary artist, architect and author of two novels. Her debut novel Orita Meta, chronicling the interwoven path of three women, was nominated for the ANA/Flora Nwapa Prize for Women’s Writing in 2006. She started her professional career as an architect working in an architectural firm along side running a private art studio. Today, Peju is one of the leading contemporary artists on the African continent. Her works challenge the status quo of the African society and also of global affairs. She has been consistent with her experimentation with materials and techniques as a medium to analyse various socio-political issues. Peju has also been an influential voice on the Child Not Bride campaign in Nigeria, with her work regularly feeding into this discourse.

Peju Alatise is a fellow at the National Museum of African Art, part of the Smithsonian Institution and the 2017 winner of the FNB Art Prize in Johannesburg. Her work was exhibited at Venice Biennale’s 57th edition, themed Viva Arte Viva (Long Live Art) in the Nigerian pavilion.

Her works were also exhibited at the Resignification of Black Bodies, Manifesta 2018 in Palermo Italy and the 2018 EVA biennial in Ireland and 1:54 Art fair in New York. 

Other recent past exhibitions of her works were held at the 2014 Casablanca biennale in Morocco,  Cooper gallery or African and African American art Harvard University-2017, Resignification of Black body 2016 in Museo Bardini – Florence. 

Peju Alatise is  the founder of the ANAI Foundation – a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development of visual arts in Nigeria, and the first purpose built artist’s residency with a well-equipped ceramic studio, which offers sponsored training programs for ceramic artists.…/african-art-at-the-2017-venice-biennale.html